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A subversive psychological thriller.


Ed Palmer's debut feature film was shot for just £5000 by an entirely student crew, but this didn't stop it having an award winning festival run and international release.

Oscar winning cinematographer Roger Deakins described the film as "mesmerising" and it was listed as "one of the best films of all time you've probably never seen" by Business Insider.



Starring Ingvild Deila, Stuart Mortimer, Tom Lincoln and Jon Cobb

Writer/Director/Producer:  Edward Palmer
Director of Photography:  Tomás Brice
Production Designer:  Carolina De Lemos
Sound Designer:  Alice Trott
Composer:  Tim Scott


East End Film Festival

Manchester Film Festival

Oxford Film Festival

Brazil International Film Festival

Portugal International Film Festival

Sydney Indie Film Festival

Utah Film Festival

New York Independent Film festival

Miami International Film Festival

Austin Revolution Film Festival

Derby Film Festival

Rebel Film Festival

Unrestricted View Film Festival

Goddess on the Throne

Ramsgate Film Festival

Diamond in the Rough Film Festival



Oxford Film Festival - Best Screenplay

Sydney Indie Film Festival - Best Screenplay

Hidden Film Festival - Best Feature

TMFF - Best Feature

Brazil International Film Festival - Best Horror Feature

Rebel Film Festival - Special Screening

Goddess on the Throne - Special Award


'Edward Palmer’s achievement is to make a film, ‘Hippopotamus’, that is quite mesmerizing and to do so with a minuscule budget' - Roger Deakins

'One of the 28 best films of all time you've probably never seen' - Buisness Insider

'the most intense indie thriller of the year, with two standout performances' - UK Film Review  ★★★★★

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